Walk the heart 2-day tour pure dry goods Raiders! Drifting + beautiful lodging + summer vacation

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Abstract: Xiaobao recently heard that a baby saidThe scenery of Maoshan Baosheng Garden is too goodOne day is not enough for fun!Want a two-day tour guide!Want to stay and have fun!Can you make a two-day tour guide? !Maoshan Baosheng GardenCool and rafting, &q…

Xiaobao recently heard that a baby said

The scenery of Maoshan Baosheng Garden is too good

One day is not enough for fun!

Want a two-day tour guide!

Want to stay and have fun!

Can you make a two-day tour guide? !

Maoshan Baosheng Garden

Cool and rafting, "5°C lower" Yamano Mijuku

And the rainbow grass, the little train...

Since there is a demand

So Little Treasure will take it this time

A two-day tour guide full of sincerity is here

No pure dry goods added in this strategy! !

Let's go!

                                                                Day 1 Admission

On a beautiful weekend, the family slept until they woke up naturally, and drove to Baosheng Park. Facing parking and entering the park, were a little at a loss?

                                                                                               Don't worry, listen to Xiaobao answer one by one~

For two-day stay guests: navigate to "Baoshengyuan RV Camping Base" and arrive at the parking lot at the north gate of Maoshan Baoshengyuan.

After entering from the north gate, go forward 50 meters and check in at the accommodation reception center on the right. (The details are subject to on-site dispatch on the day)

▲Hotel visitors enter the North Gate parking lot here

ps: In-park delivery and charter vehicles need to be reserved in advance 0519-68228822,
During the charter, the driver and the vehicle will follow the tourists until the end of the charter; the chartered service does not include the tour guide.

Get in the park and sit down with Xiaobao

Take the Jingjiao car/small train/


Let's start a cool summer trip~

First day morning

When facing the 3500 acres of mountain resort park in the hot summer, I really don’t want to walk 😭 Don’t be afraid to follow Xiaobao and other scenery to take the car,

Directly to Dacaoping Station, start the entertainment time~

If you choose to walk, you can interact with the elegant black swan and feed the koi on the Swan Lake.

Take a break on Peacock Island and head to such a big grassland.

As the summer peak season is too popular, you may need to queue up. Tourists who arrive at the park late in the morning,

You can also first experience the newly upgraded Wow Jungle Crossing.

There are 20 exercises that require extremely high physical strength, speed and coordination, as well as "flying over the wall" to escape the eccentricity!

Not just a game for children, adults can also challenge themselves!



Take a rest after eating and drinking
Ready to start the afternoon cool journey!


The weather is getting hotter and hotter. In the afternoon, experience the newly upgraded forest rafting tool to cool off the heat!
Avoid the scorching sun, drive away the noise of cicadas, and collect this most complete rafting strategy in history!

Take the Jingjiao car to the forest rafting station, store your belongings and prepare for rafting,

You can line up to start drifting! The preparation for drifting, Xiaobao, is also organized below for everyone~

After the rafting, there is a shower service at the storage point~
Rinse clean and put on spare clothes. Let's start the next journey refreshingly!

One more good news!

Newly upgraded ATV off-road

Open on July 10th!

The entrance of the project is next to the forest rafting

You who like outdoor sports and pursue excitement

Must not be missed~

Simple operation, no driver's license required

Drove an off-road vehicle through the bamboo forest

Free yourself, ride the mountains and wilds

Make you scream with excitement!

First day and night

When night falls, the stomach is empty, and the smell of barbecue is always floating in the summer night~

Do it yourself at the large stove in the mountains and have a high-quality barbecue night!

Eat and drink, follow Xiaobao to unlock the different opening methods of Baoshengyuan’s “lower five degrees” Meisu!

It can accommodate 3-5 groups of families at the same time, with its own ins wind swimming pool, summer barbecue grill, karaoke room, chess and card room...

Cool parties, hot party, karaoke, and card playing all satisfy you!

The tent in the 100-acre tea field hides the exquisite and unique hotel. The 54-square-meter space has a comfortable big bed, which is popular with children and full of fun.

High and low bed, separate bathroom, spacious terrace courtyard, can accommodate 2 large and 2 small occupancy.

When the Dragon Boat Festival meets the tea field, letting go of the impetuousness of the city, the family enjoys the cool and warm summer time in the tea field tent.

A sip of sunny watermelon, a sip of mellow tea, the fun of the mountains and the wild is here.

There is also a RV camping base where "the sparrow is small, but it has all the internal organs". The feeling of living in the mountains is wonderful~

Lie down in the dreamy bubble in the tea field, and when you lift your eyes, you can see the fragrance of the mountain breeze and flowers. When you open the dome, there are stars in the sky as a blanket.

It has a transparent field of vision and a large space of 54 square meters. Suitable for couples to stay, full of romance.

There are also Zhulin Shanju, Chatian Shanju...

There is always one of the six classic beauty hotels that suits you~


The cool 2-day holiday is complete! Finally, let us return home in a reluctant mood.

Heard so much

Do you feel the heartbeat?

Hurry up~

Xiaobao is waiting for you in Baosheng Park

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