Wonderful Grassland

Wonderful Grassland covering an area of nearly 60000 square meters, it is the "king of flow of people" in the par Kit has gathered more than ten recreational projects, including Extreme Grass Skiing, hot-air balloon, high-altitude challenge tower, Aah jungle crossing, Grass Tank, grass go kart, Hail Of Bullets, and Child Trampoline

Colorful limit slide, thrilling and pleasant, enjoy the joy of running with the wind.


The length of Go-Kart sand road is nearly 300 meters You can release the speed that is suppressed by traffic rules, let yourself fly, and get the pleasure of racing.

Jungle Rafting

It has a total length of 1200 meters and a drop of 50 meter mountains are emerald and the trees are contemptuous river is wide and refreshing You can enjoy the thrilling excitement along the way and the beautiful waterfalls on both sides of the river.

Glass Slide

Fully transparent glass pavement, shuttling 300 meters in the air, facing S-bend directly, the maximum drop can reach 16 meters, and enjoy the scenery along the way.

Cliff Swing

In the distance is the beautiful mountain scenery, the foot is tens of meters in the air, rush out of that moment, can scream, let go, open arms embrace the breeze, embrace the sky!

Sky Footpath

It is 15 meters high from the ground and spans continuously from platforms 40 cm apart is 200 meters in length you dare to challenge yourself, you will surely gain your admiration.

Glass Trestle

Standing in the air on the Glass Trestle 18 meters above the ground, the total length is 180 meters, 360 degrees overlooking the green shade of Maoshan Forest World, making people relaxed and happy!

Challenge Tower

In the 15 meter Challenge tower, three high-altitude amusement projects, i.e high-altitude sliding rope, Rock Climbing and rope rapid descent, are challenged.

Tianye Helicopter

A helicopter flies over Banshee Park, escorted by senior flight, technology and management personnel, has a panoramic view of Dushanbe.

Jungle Crossing

Childminders colorful paradise, fun all the way through, drill, climb, slide, shake, swing, jump, cultivate childminders spirit of adventure.

Pet Paradise

Pet Paradise covering an area of 4500 square meters, the park is home to a variety of animals: alpacas, peacocks, ducklings, rabbits, duper sheep, and small flower pig Sit can be viewed, fed and has unlimited wild interception is the only place for parent-child play and popular science interaction.

Bamboo Forest Maze

The Bamboo Forest Maze surrounded by bamboo is a magic place integrating green, fun and fitness Entering the labyrinth, you need patience to break out of the labyrinth

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