Research Education

The wild fun research and learning base with education and fun can lead children to master different unknown abilities, let them explore nature, seek "treasure" knowledge, and experience the growth in walking.

Team development

Dushanbe Banshee park is equipped with senior professional development tutor team, advanced and perfect development facilities, providing customized team supporting services, and creating diversified outdoor expansion base.

Business meeting

Shenyang conference room has complete supporting facilities, meeting table, stereo, projector, KTV system, etc meet the needs of major business meetings and training theme conference room can accommodate 20-500 people.The Atlantic conference room is equipped with large LED display, which can provide senior banquet service.

Outdoor wedding

The European Square covers an area of more than 5000 square meters, with more than 100 classic white marble sculptures, water fountains and pigeons in the square It is a perfect wedding shooting venue and outdoor wedding venue.Lawn and other scenery resources are also different shooting options.

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